Economy under Sanctions, Cheap Energy and Environment: Iran and Economic and Environmental Challenges

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  • Sayyad Sadri Alibabalu Bagimsiz

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sanctions- Iran- fossil resources- targeted plan- energy waste- environment


Iran's economy is under severe and targeted international sanctions, however, the government continues to survive due to the abundance of fossil fuels. But Iran's economy is also facing many fundamental troubles, one of which is the subsidy system that has paralyzed the country in the last 100 years. The most important result of the subsidy economy is the culture of indiscriminate consumption and as a result the waste of fossil resources, so that Iran is one of the worst energy consumers in the world. The result of such chaos is double pressure on the environment, which is in a catastrophic state. To restore the subsidy economy, the government implemented a subsidy-targeting plan in 2010, which failed and led to other troubles for both society and the government. The results of this change, along with severe sanctions, have caused very high inflation, so that it has involved all the population so that in the last 13 years, it has been the subject of daily discussions. The main factor in this failure was the lack of planning and did not consider international sanctions. It seems that it is necessary to use Iran's experiences to avoid failing in similar policies and achieve a sustainable solution. In this regard, this research deals with the course of measures taken in order to target subsidies in Iran and analyzes its results.