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  • Günay Verdiyeva Azerbaycan Bilimler Akademiyası


The process of creating terms in the world has become intense starting from the beginning of the 20th century. The tendency towards the formation of new words is observed in almost all languages of the world. First of all, this is due to scientific and technological progress and the emergence of new technologies. The enrichment of the terminological system of both Persian and Azerbaijani languages is a dynamically developing process. In recent years, the dictionary of both languages has been replenished with many terms denoting a new event or process. Every year, the lexis of the modern Persian language is replenished with dozens of words - terms related to a certain field of science. Scientific and technical terminology is the most flexible and mobile part of the vocabulary of any language. As you know, a term is a word or phrase used in a particular science or activity, which necessarily expresses a specific concept, and at the same time is in close connection with other language units and ultimately forms a terminological system. Terms play an important role in the process of cognition and development of the world, as they define specific scientific and technical concepts. Note that the words included in the dictionary of the Persian language in recent years are mainly used technical and industrial terms, for example , [ləp tap]-laptop, [monitor]-monitor, [sayt]-site, [virus]-virus, [teractor]-tractor, etc. As can be seen from the examples, many of these words are also used in the Azerbaijani language.

   At present, as in many languages of the world, in connection with scientific and technological progress and the development of advanced technologies, there is an increasing tendency in the Azerbaijani language to acquire a term or word denoting a new concept or event. Over time, the words of the language themselves can be formed from its resources, but these words do not always remain in the language or are rarely used.

As we can see, the process of term formation in both languages is a rather dynamic and continuously developing process and needs a more thorough analysis by the linguists.